TimeClockWindow Client Interface
  • TimeClockWindow Client

TimeClockWindow Client

TimeClockWindow is the fully featured time clock package from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.
ZPAY has been developing payroll software since 1978. ZPAY develops software packages for personal computers, for the Windows platform.
TimeClockWindow was developed to compliment the PayWindow Payroll system from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc.
TimeClockWindow is designed with easy-to-use functionality and user- friendliness in mind. TimeClockWindow is made for any company that wants to easily keep track of their employees and has a seamless interface into the
PayWindow payroll software.  
This help file is for the Employee interfaces of TimeClockWindow, for use of the Administrative Tools, see the TCW Admin help file.
We have tried to make the help file as complete as we can. This will help you get started. We hope the help file will answer many of your questions, guide using TimeClockWindow and for your future reference needs.
You should quickly become comfortable by following instructions in the Startup Tutor located on our website or on your CD.
We have tried to keep our software simple to use and simple for most computer beginners.