TimeClockWindow Administrator Tools

Update Program

The Update Checker in TimeClockWindow is very important. Most likely if you run into a problem where the Bug Report tool pops up, it may have been reported and fixed. This bug report tool may look like this as an example in the employee interface:
Besides reporting the problem to us so we can assist you, we suggest that you check for updates and install the current release if there is a newer version available. In most cases, the problem has already been reported, fixed and a new update has been made available for you. The process is very simple:
1. First exit the Employee Interface on all computers on the network that are linked to your database so they are not running when you perform the update. Click TimeClock and select Exit in each of the TimeClockWindow programs that are running on your computers as seen below. Make sure the Admin program is also shut down on all computers except the one you are on.
If you need more help with this part, click here to see the video tutorial on shutting down TimeClockWindow on all computers.
2. Click Help and Select Product Updates and then select Update Product...
For details on updating on all computers, click here to see this video tutorial.
3. Click Check for Updates and if there are updates available, the "Update Program" button will be enabled. Click it to install the latest version. In the example below, the program is up to date and that button is disabled.
4. Do this on all computers on your network. The updates are FREE and should be installed on all computers being used so the database does not get corrupted by mixed versions. If you your database was locked by having one or more of the computers running TimeClockWindow blocking the database from updating properly during an upgrade, we do have a way to force an update. Click here to see that video tutorial.