TimeClockWindow Client Interface

Tray Icon

When TimeClockWindow is started and the employee punches in the first time and then clicks the Close TimeClockWindow it minimizes to the Tray at the bottom right of the screen.
The Tray Icon is where the employees click to open TimeClockWindow to punch in and out with. It should be visible at the bottom right corner of your screen like this:
If you do not see the Tray Icon it may be hidden by Windows in the Hidden Window folder. Click the small Up Arrow (1) and it will be seen as you seen below. (2).
To move it to the Tray to be easily and quickly accesses to open TimeClockWindow to open to punch in our out in the Hidden Icons Folder, click the TimeClock Window Icon (10 and hold the mouse button down and drag it to where you want it and release the moust button (2)..
Double Clicking on the Tray Icon or Right Clicking the Icon and selecting Show TimeClockWindow will open tyhe program to punch in or out.